What are you guys thinking for AbPhab this month? As busy as things are, I vote we take an AbPhab photo at my parent's vow renewal and call it a month!
For November, would anyone want to go back to Bonnie's? Thinking about Christmas presents here...or should we do something different? Let's discuss....
P.S. I Love You!


Ahh, If It Had Only Been THIS Easy!

So I was bored looking around the internet and ran across this:
They created a vending machine that despenses men in women's popular flavors like, action, romantic and rich. Wait til you see Mr.Perfect! This video is really funny.

If your husband, fiance or boyfriend were in a vending machine, what "Man Flavor" did you get?


Our Pottery Is Finished

Well, here it is ladies. Bonnie emailed me the pictures. I haven't spoken with her on pick-up, but if anyone would like to go pick them up I am sure it would be fine. Anyway, looks like we did a good job. We are some artsy women!


Important Health Advice for Women

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Let's hang out and make stuff!

Okay, you know we are getting ready to watch my mom and dad renew their wedding vows in only 3 more weeks! Tonight Mom, Marlena, and I started on our homeade lantern project. We have all the stuff to make them at Mom's house, and the two we made are so beautiful when they are lit up and hanging in the trees. We want to have a TON of them!

We need help! We are going to be over there on Wednesday night, getting crafty and of course, drinking wine (to help with all that craftiness). Anyone want to join us? We will be there from 6 to whenever!

You Runway watchers (me included!)...come on, I know ya'll bitches have Tivo!
Hope to see ya!!



Good day my dearest ladies. As some of you know I have been in contact with Bonnie AKA "The Clay Lady" in order to set up my secret plan to take my future hubby flying for his birthday. Many of you may be wondering what happened to your pieces. Bonnie asked for me to apologize to everyone about the delay and let you know that they were firing yesterday. She said that she has been completely wrapped up and they should be done soon. That said, she sent me some pictures from that night. Hope ya'll enjoy.

Laurie demonstrates why it is so very important to get multiple shots of group pictures. Sorry, I had to. Love you Laurie and BTW, just a reminder, you are totally invited anywhere, anytime for any group function! (Don't roll your eyes, you know you love me.)