I Know What You Are...

You're small and rectangular, and covered in plastic...


Be still, my heart.

That's right, ladies. Edward will be making his in-home debut in my living room on Friday, March 27th at 8pm. I will provide some snacks and wine, but please feel free to bring anything you like!

Other details: It's a Pajama Party! Since we will be all piled up in the living room, wear your comfiest and cutest (hey, Edward will be there!) pj's.
Also, we will have some new friends! A few of the gals I know from Barnesville will be joining us for thier first Ab Phab! They are fellow junkies, so no worries, and they are a ton of fun. These ladies are participating in the Breast Cancer Three Day this year, and are in the process of fundraising for the walk. I thought it would be super special if AbPhab could contribute, since we are staying in this month. $20 donations will be collected (voluntary, of course) at the party. What an easy way to support breast cancer research!! Girl power!

The party will start at 7 and we will fire up the vampires at 8 sharp!
RSVP for me, please! Can't wait to see you all, and squeal like silly little schoolgirls for 2 hours!