January Gathering!

It's time for our first get together of 2009! Since we are all coming out of the crazy holiday mode, I thought something low-key would be nice for this month.
What's better than a good chick flick??

Date: Friday, January 16th
Dinner at Spicy Thai at 7.
We will see the 9:00-ish (exact time later) showing.

I hope one of our collective resolutions for the new year is to try to hang out more. I know we are all busy, and it's hard to coordinate these things. If anyone ever needs a certain night, or has an idea for an event, please let me know! I don't want to do all the planning...it's more fun and more fair if we all work on it. I hope we get lots of new gals involved this year, too. (Only awesome ones, of course.)

Please RSVP here so that I can make a reservation!
Thanks, and Love!



Marlena said...

Consider me there!

Jess Addison said...

perfect movie for the girls! i will be there!

J-Mac said...

I'll be there too!

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

Umm...yeah, I'll be there.

AuroraBorealis said...

I'm pretty sure I will be there!

Elizabeth said...

I may be a little late but i'll see you girls there!

** Ashley** said...

I'll be working. :(

bvilleterp said...

Yes I am coming :o)