Let's hang out and make stuff!

Okay, you know we are getting ready to watch my mom and dad renew their wedding vows in only 3 more weeks! Tonight Mom, Marlena, and I started on our homeade lantern project. We have all the stuff to make them at Mom's house, and the two we made are so beautiful when they are lit up and hanging in the trees. We want to have a TON of them!

We need help! We are going to be over there on Wednesday night, getting crafty and of course, drinking wine (to help with all that craftiness). Anyone want to join us? We will be there from 6 to whenever!

You Runway watchers (me included!)...come on, I know ya'll bitches have Tivo!
Hope to see ya!!


Jess Addison said...

I am SO there! These look beautiful! I can't wait until the big day!!

Becoming Kelly Wall said...

Oooooh! I love gettin' crafty.