Good day my dearest ladies. As some of you know I have been in contact with Bonnie AKA "The Clay Lady" in order to set up my secret plan to take my future hubby flying for his birthday. Many of you may be wondering what happened to your pieces. Bonnie asked for me to apologize to everyone about the delay and let you know that they were firing yesterday. She said that she has been completely wrapped up and they should be done soon. That said, she sent me some pictures from that night. Hope ya'll enjoy.

Laurie demonstrates why it is so very important to get multiple shots of group pictures. Sorry, I had to. Love you Laurie and BTW, just a reminder, you are totally invited anywhere, anytime for any group function! (Don't roll your eyes, you know you love me.)

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Heather & Adam said...

You make me laugh! I miss ya.
Can't wait for Friday!