Say what you need to say...

Oh, Kelly! What a sweet post. I love this idea, and I have always wanted to do that post where you speak anonymously about people when you list your thanks, so I am going for that. These are for my gals.

1. Thank you, for opening up to me when we both need it most. I hope it never stops.

2. Thank you, for being so patient with me, no matter what. I am lucky.

3. Thank you, for remembering our past, and for being one of the most genuine people I have ever met.

4. Thank you, for being the life of the party, and for showing me what true self esteem looks like.

5. Thank you, for understanding me, and for always making me feel better about my flaws. You are so true to yourself, and I am inspired by you.

5. Thank you, for showing me what a living goddess looks and lives like.

6. Thank you, for being my soul mate.

7. Thank you, for the smile you always have, and for sharing your amazing spirit with the world. You'll find all you want and more.

8. Thank you,for showing us all what it means to be filled with cheer. I don't think I have ever seen you act gloomy, and I notice.

9. Thank you, for coming into my life so seamlessly, and without any hesitation, taking a spot in my heart.

10. Thank you, for keeping my sane through one of the hardest and most fun times in my life.

11. Thank you, for being so open and unafraid to jump right in to the most amazing group of women anywhere.

Of course there are more that aren't on here, and no, don't be guessing. Takes the fun out of it. I would love to see more of these.
Love you, you crazy broads!

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Jess Addison said...

I bet I know lots of these!! hehe

love you!!