Bummed and Totally out of the Loop!

Hey guys....I feel really bummed that I have missed the last 3 ABPhab adventures but it is really hard for me to get away lately. Weekends are nearly impossible with my schedule and October is INSANE!

4 weddings (one out of town) to shoot
1 Rehearsal dinner to shoot
wedding consultations already booked
NKOTB concert
New quarter starting on this Thursday......
I could keep going.

The point of my post:
Starting in November I would like to get out of the house once a month for dinner and cocktails...most likely on a Wednesday night. Maybe we could do the first Wednesday or the second Wednesday of every month.....whatever. Something simple so that I can get out of the house and interact with other adult women. :)

It can be just a side thing to the normal ABPhab for whoever wants to come....I regardless.....will be there sipping my martini.

Love ya ladies and I hate that I have missed so much.


J-Mac said...

Good plan, something local preferrably! I kind of feel the same way, life gets so insanely busy it's hard to fit everything in. Just a dinner would be easier to fit in.

Catherine said...

totally local jen!

Jess Addison said...

I know how you feel! As soon as I finish one thing...two more things get added!

Heather and I were talking about doing something simple for October's AbPhab. Maybe just doing trivia at Buffalo's again??

Catherine said...

sounds good to me.