It's gonna be like, totally rad.

It's a Sk8tie's Party!

Griffin Skate Inn ......Sunday, September 28th ......5-7 pm.

Our party includes 3 pizzas and a few sodas, but we can bring more food and drinks. If anyone can bring a 2 liter or snacks, let us know.

It also includes a DJ, who will be playing exclusively 80's pop music...just like in the days where we actually went skating!

Skates (or rollerblades) are included for our group, also.

The price for the party is $200. With 16 people, that's only 12.50 per person, but I know we can get more! Let's recruit some newbies this month (please just make sure they are fabulous, of course.) We will all need to bring cash and pay when we arrive!

Let's talk clothing...

Yes, you have to dress up! Cutoffs, miniskirts, overalls, leg warmers, baggy tops, big earrings, BIG HAIR, lotsa makeup. You know the drill! Google images of 80's parties to get ideas. There will be a prize for best dressed!

Can you imagine the pictures???

I also propose, in an effort to make the most of all the 80's goodness, that those of us who would like to go out afterward make plans to do so. Somewhere local, but a few drinks after all that skating would be a blast.

As, always, please RSVP so we will have an idea of what to bring and our individual cost. I hope we can make this month the biggest gathering ever!

Be there....or be square!


Becoming Kelly Wall said...

Like, Totally for sure I'll be there! I'll bring some pop.

rachel000us said...

I am going to ask off for that night...Fingers crossed that I can make it :) Cause it sounds like it will be the jams!

Rachel B

Jess Addison said...

I'm RSVP'ing hookah! :)