Lets get to know each other!

My name is Melissa Jackson

Ok, so i have gotten to know many of you and i have not had to chance to even meet some of you, So i thought this could be a good way to get to know each other with out some silly "survey" with weird questions no one really cares about the answers to them. I will start by telling 10 random things about me and and you can do the same! Write your own random things about your self.

1- I am 23 years old and have been married for almost 5 years and i feel like that is a huge accomplishment at my age!

2- I am the worst speller ever!!

3- I have 3 little boys, Austin who is 3 years old and Aiden and Maddox who are twins will be 1 year old October 5th.

4- I moved out of my parents house when i was 16 years old and have not been back, it has been a long road but i have grown up fast, it is a good thing.

5- I work for a wrighter, typing books for him, it is am alsome job to read the stories from an 88 year old man who has lived so much life.

6- I am also a stay at home mom and help run my husbands Plumbing Company.

7- I became part of this group through the fablous Heather, She and i worked together at a Photography company 4 years ago, she was one of my brides maids in my wedding and i was in hers.

8- I have never heard of Tom Petty until Heather went to one of their concerts a few years ago and was so excited about the concert, i was so sheltered to music until i met her.

9- I LOVE Photography, but i have no time for it.

10- I really enjoy being a part of this group, you all really seam like a great group of people and it is so great to get away from life and have some care free girl time!!

Wow, this was harder than i though, but oh well that is alittle about me and i would love to get to know more about all of you.

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Heather & Adam said...

Melissa, this is great! You should tag someone to go next. That way no one can get out of it, heehee.